Being Unique

Corner Lodge

The Corner House is a Lifestyle Choice. Each person is individually assessed to ensure we understand what they want and how they want to be cared for. Our staff put residents at the centre of everything they do.

Working with each person we create individual care plans and the Activities Co-ordinator takes these preferences into account when planning activities.

We have evolved to have a focus on emotional needs & offering genuine companionship in addition to providing physical care. We provide 24 hour care to ensure peace of mind for all residents. Our carers provide personal involvement day and night, whilst preserving the rights of residents to privacy dignity and independence.

As part of our ongoing Quality Assurance programme, we continually seek the views and ideas of Residents & Families in the form of surveys and Questionnaires. Residents’ meetings are ongoing to allow all residents to voice their opinions and suggestions with regard to activities and menus.